The POSEIDON Agency has developed its own web-service for corporate and private clients:

  • it does not require installation of any special equipment;
  • it can be accessed from any electronic device via the Internet;
  • it provides access to airline tickets, railway tickets and hotels automated booking systems (GDS);
  • it makes possible the search for optimal fares and the provision of information in a convenient format;
  • it provides the opportunity to receive any number of accounts for authorized employees;
  • it guarantees version free updates;
  • it provides an instant access to full information, stored in the professional booking systems 24/7/365 through any electronic device with Internet access;
  • it shows best ticket deals on one screen;
  • it saves time;
  • it secures the pricing transparency;
  • it automatizes the processes of booking and services execution;
  • it storages the data on the Agency employees trips;
  • it saves the employees-passengers database

TRAVEL AGENCIES can be connected to the on-line service after having signed a correspondent agreement in the framework of the PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME.